I love the 2TO10 Conference because it’s the only conference out there that deals with multi-location salons… It’s also more intimate and informative because it’s a tighter group of salons. I can relate to all of the attendees on a more personal/business level because we are all dealing with the same structure.

Jessica, Salon Red


What a great event! Congratulations on your success! Thank you for including me. I want you to know that I am so honored by the invitation.


Gene Juarez

Gene Juarez Salon


2TO10 is a great place to connect with like minded businesses and share best practices in a safe / professional setting. The round tables are my favorite part and I always feel like they end too soon!


Megan Jasper

Gadabout Salon Spa


I appreciate being surrounded by great leaders in our industry and the sincere sharing of their knowledge, challenges, experiences & victories!


Mark Pardo Gonzales

Mark Pardo Salon


We are very excited to attend the 2TO10 Conference this year! Qnity hosts one of the few industry’s very best events drawing top salons from around the country. It’s honest, raw and real quality information and conversation!


Linda North

New Reflections Salon


Qnity hosts one of the few industry’s very best events drawing top salons from around the country. It’s honest, raw and real quality information and conversation. We are very excited to attend this year!


Diane Keller

New Reflections Salon

With all of the changes we are experiencing in our industry I find it imperative to stay educated. Going to 2TO10 gives me the opportunity to network with like minded people that have similar challenges and opportunities.


Coral Pleas & Taelor Pleas

Cutting Loose

2TO10 is my favorite industry conference because you are surrounded by peers that are experiencing the same day to day work life as you. The structure of the event is built around networking in a very real way so even after you have gone home you are still connected to valuable resources. I would encourage any salon with multiple locations to have representation at 2TO10.

Kate Cottrill

Ihloff Salon Spa

What I love about 2TO10 is the opportunity to meet and learn from so many like-minded individuals. Each time I have attended 2TO10 I come away with a new idea or spark of information to bring back to my team. The round-table shares are always enlightening, especially when we are able to help each other get “un-stuck” from a challenge or road block that we are facing in our businesses. I can’t think of another conference where everyone is so willing to open up and share intimate information about their businesses!


Carly Ellison

Van Michael Salon

I loved the 2TO10 conference last year! That was my first one and I was so pleased to find that there are so many other like minded owners that are dealing with similar issues we have as a multi unit business with a successful and growing business model. We were able to next work, gain ideas, collaborate and share with other salon owners that share similar successes and opportunities. Its refreshing to have an equal give and take. Other Education forums we have attended have more independents or smaller businesses that don’t share similar operational practices.

Sue Arens

Studio Be

Why 2TO10…. because you’re in the conversation, your part of the discussion, you ask the questions, you share your experiences. You return to your salon to execute on proven solutions that qualified colleagues have worked through so you don’t have to.


Joe Connell


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