The 2TO10 conference is invitation only. If you received an invitation, you're welcome to click the link. If your salon group has 2TO10 salon locations,  pledges to follow our code of conduct, and is willing to send two or more members of your leadership team to the conference please reach out to us for an Interview.


Join the best of the best

for two days of:


MODERATED ROUND-TABLES: Discover solutions to your most

pressing issues and opportunities.


ANNUAL STUDY/RESEARCH: Make decisions based on timely, accurate and relevant financial data and market research.



Connect with your multi-location peers.




The Vinoy® Renaissance

St. Petersburg Resort & Golf Club

450 7th Ave NE

St Petersburg, FL 33701



Check In: October 15, 2022

Check Out: October 18, 2022


Meet 2TO10 Presenter Art Markman.


Art Markman is the Annabel Irion Worsham Centennial Professor of Psychology, Human Dimensions of Organizations, and Marketing and Vice Provost of Continuing and Professional Education and New Education Ventures at the University of Texas at Austin. He has written over 150 research papers on topics including reasoning, decision making, and motivation. Art brings insights from cognitive science to a broader audience through his blogs at Psychology Today and Fast Company as well as his radio show/podcast Two Guys on Your Head. He is the author of several books including Smart Thinking, Smart Change, Brain Briefs, and Bring Your Brain to Work.



Join the best of the best!

The 2TO10 Leadership Conference brings two days of Interactive Round-tables. There are also General Sessions to provide key insights that will benefit each member of your leadership team. The 2022 conference will feature best practice presentations from 2TO10 salon performance leaders in key business categories.


Research / Data:

Data was the founding idea behind 2TO10 and has always been a backbone of our work. We're pleased to have broken new ground with data by collecting P&L statements, benchmarking and multiple other studies over the past 11 years.


This year's study is different from other 2TO10 studies as it is an industry-wide data collaboration project for pro beauty led by the Qnity Data and Research Institute. Many industry leading 2TO10 members, including Gadabout, Van Michael, Paris Parker and Lords and Ladies have already committed their participation. We encourage you to participate in the study even if you can not attend this year's conference. Those who are attending 2TO10 will receive a special report with segmented results for companies with 2 to 10 locations.


As you may be aware, there is a lack of data regarding hours worked and compensation within the pro beauty and wellness industry. Much of the data that does exist does not tell the full story about a career in beauty. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, along with other sources, paint a very grim picture about earnings in beauty and wellness, with references to “the poverty of cosmetologists’ earnings” and annual earnings data of $16,767 (The Century Foundation).


The ripple effects of this kind of misinformation are massive. Industry perception is suffering, salons and spas of all sizes are struggling to find and keep talent, and public policy decisions that impact the entire industry are being made based on incomplete data.







Move beyond today’s best practices to understand and embrace what will be needed to drive success in tomorrow’s business climate. Round-tables include industry experts and salon discussion panels by focus track; marketing, operations, human capital, education and finance.



Spend two days with business, creative and thought leaders in the industry. This group of like-minded and similarly situated businesses affords more relevant and valuable interaction to share ideas and tackle challenges most important to well positioned multi-location businesses. During the conference, there are plenty of formal and informal networking opportunities.

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