The 2TO10 conference is invitation only. If you received an invitation, you're welcome to click the link. If your salon group has 2TO10 salon locations,  pledges to follow our code of conduct, and is willing to send two or more members of your leadership team to the conference please reach out to us for an Interview.

OCT 3 - 5


Join the best of the best

for two days of:


MODERATED ROUNDTABLES: Discover solutions to your most

pressing issues and opportunities.


ANNUAL STUDY/RESEARCH: Make decisions based on timely, accurate and relevant financial data and market research.



Connect with your multi-location peers.




Waldorf Astoria Chicago

11 E. Walton

Chicago, Illinois 60611


(312) 646-130



Group Name: 2TO10 Project

Group Code: 2TO


Check In: October 2, 2021

Check Out: October 6, 2021


Meet 2TO10 Presenter Luke Carlson.

Luke is the founder and CEO of Discover Strength based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Discover Strength’s five personal training studios are among the highest volume and revenue training facilities in North America.


Luke speaks around the world on the fundamentals of building successful businesses. Luke is an American College of Sports Medicine Certified Exercise Physiologist and has a BS and MS in Kinesiology from the University of Minnesota and studied Executive Leadership, Strategy and Innovation at Stanford University.


Luke has presented to audiences in a variety of industries on five continents. Carlson is one of the top-rated Vistage speakers in the United States.


We are thrilled to bring Luke back to the  Annual 2TO10 Project Conference on October 3-5 in Chicago!!



His topic is: Visionary Leadership: How Leaders articulate the vision and bring it down to the ground  The Universal Truths to Becoming an Effective Leader



Join the best of the best!

The 2TO10 Leadership Conference brings two days of Interactive Roundtables based on the role and business size. There are also General Sessions to provide key insights that will benefit each member of your leadership team. The 2021 conference will feature best practice presentations from 2TO10 salon performance leaders in key business categories.


Research / Data:

Each year, 2TO10 goes through relevant and proprietary research / data at the Conference.



Move beyond today’s best practices to understand and embrace what will be needed to drive success in tomorrow’s business climate.  Tracks include industry experts and salon discussion panels by focus track (marketing, operations, HR/education and finance)



Spend two days with business, creative and thought leaders in the industry. This group of like-minded and similarly situated businesses affords more relevant and valuable interaction to share ideas and tackle challenges most important to well positioned multi-location businesses. During the conference, there are plenty of formal and informal networking opportunities.





Each participant at 2TO10 will select Roundtable Rooms to participate in at the conference. You will make your Roundtable room selections once onsite.



(based on Qnity’s ‘Five Functions’)


  • Marketing
  • Finance / Strategy
  • Education / Human Capital
  • Operations


As you’ll note on the agenda, for each Room, there will be two 75 minute segments Monday afternoon, and two 75 minute segments on Tuesday morning.


In each 75 minute segment, there will be a primary topic and a peer to ‘start the conversation’ with a 10-20 minute verbal share / Q+A. Their share will be highly relatable, will be based on their own demonstrated success, as well as lessons they learned along the way. There will be no PowerPoint’s, no handouts and protocol we will follow out of respect for the protection of your peer Conversation Starters. This includes refraining from asking for/offering to send others things you have developed.


There will be a Moderator in each Roundtable room that will act as a conversation/question manager. The Moderator will be very active and directive for the best interests of the group. There will also be a timekeeper.


After the share by the ’Conversation Starter’, the remainder of the time will be spent in in a moderated, sharing format where participants in the room will have the opportunity to share their best practice as well as pose a critical issue to those in the room. All of this will be based on the time available and at the discretion of the Moderator. Two of the formats that will be used for the remaining time are called ‘In the Barrel’ and ‘To Hell and Back”. Your Moderator will go through what these terms mean once on site.


Participants will be able to move to different Roundtable segments. We ask that you be present and remain in the same room during an entire 75 minute segment.  We ask that you remain engaged for the entire session out of courtesy and respect for your fellow participants.






**based on availability

Annual member fee has been eliminated





**based on availability

Annual member fee has been eliminated

To attend the conference you should be a member of the 2TO10 Project. For information to becoming a member, please contact  Tom Kuhn by clicking the button below.


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