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OCTOBER 3-5, 2021




The 2TO10 Project, now in year ten, is an exclusive and elite community of multi-location salons and spas. It was created by industry leader Tom Kuhn to fill a void in the beauty business. A former multi-location owner himself (8 location, $25M multi-state salonspa), there was no place to deepen connections, share data and navigate opportunities / challenges unique to small, regional, multi-unit salon/spas.


2TO10 participants include market leaders from across the USA and Canada with between 2 and 10 locations. This is the upper 4% and, as recognized by Women’s Wear Daily, the ‘sweet spot’ of the salon industry. They represent the best in business practices, brand positioning and performance. They also are distinguished by never being satisfied with the status quo and their hunger for going to the next level.


The purpose of 2TO10 is to propel growth opportunities, address critical issues and drive higher performance for its members. At 2TO10, you will find new solutions to today’s most pressing business challenges. You will be able to connect with peers in a intimate, confidential and dynamic setting. 2TO10 is appropriate for all members of leadership teams, including owners and leaders from marketing, operations, finance, Human Capital and education (a/k/a known as the ‘Qnity Five Functions™’.


In addition to the annual spring conference, 2TO10 has a bank of research and data from multiple years of study. This includes benchmarking and business practices so you get relevant, unbiased data unique to the multi-location model to help in your decision making.


Participation in the 2TO10 Project is by invitation only and is capped each year. 2021 participation is limited to a total of 50 salon companies.


2TO10 includes a 35 years old and under ‘Emerging Leader’ opportunity to connect with their peers, demonstrate leadership and participate in an annual competition co-sponsored by Qnity and Salon Today.


2TO10 is not affiliated with a product manufacturer and unlike other organizations, has ten or less sponsors, resulting in an essentially ‘commercial free’ environment so your time is maximized in connecting with your peers. 2TO10 is ‘not for profit’ and works off a break even budget – the conference ticket prices are set to cover costs. Our no frills approach and structured peer sharing is unlike any other format. Effective in 2018, we are pleased to have eliminated the member fee.





  • Average 2TO10 participant (info from a prior year)
  • Annual sales: $8M
  • Number of locations: 4.3
  • Head count: 111
  • Must be multi-location to qualify: only 5% of salons have more than one location
  • Strength in numbers: combined sales volume of $335M (from prior year)
  • Brand neutral: unaffiliated with a manufacturer / no manufacturer sponsors
  • Limited sponsors (only ten), other conferences have up to 50 sponsors
  • Members are vetted: invitation only, regional conflicts are avoided
  • Intimate setting: limited to 150 attendees
  • Moderated roundtables: with peers based on job / ‘function‘
  • Data / research / benchmarks from 8 years of annual studies
  • Networking: agenda created to maximize time with your multi-location peers
  • Relevant to 35 years & under: Emerging Leader Track (co-sponsored by Qnity & Salon Today Magazine)
  • ‘No frills‘ approach



OCTOBER 3-5, 2021




*Invitation only

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